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Welcome to Braised and Deglazed.

Our passion for food is contagious and our recipes reflect our commitment to BIG flavours. Whether you’re looking for casual comfort food or mouth-watering BBQ recipes, or even the best knives, you’re in the right place.

B&D is growing faster than a sourdough starter on a warm day! We’ve now got a team of food lovers and chefs working to bring you some seriously drool-worthy recipes.

We’re more than just chefs – we’re teachers and mentors. B&D is packed with useful cooking tips and tricks for home cooks of all levels.

A smoked salmon toast created by Devan.

So get ready to feast your eyes on some amazing recipes from our talented team. Keep an eye out for new recipes from our squad of food lovers and chefs.

We promise to bring the heat (and the cheese) in every dish!

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Braised and Deglazed

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Editorial Guidelines

Braised & Deglazed aims to be a unique platform for sharing chef-made recipes with culinary enthusiasts. Here are our editorial guidelines that ensure our blog remains a trusted source for authentic, chef-made recipes.

Recipe Authenticity and Originality

Every recipe published on our blog is an original creation by professional chefs. We emphasize the uniqueness and authenticity of each dish, ensuring that they are not only delicious but also true to their culinary roots.

Plagiarism of recipes is strictly against our policy, and we take great care to respect intellectual property rights.

Chef Contributions and Transparency

Each recipe includes a byline of the contributing chef, providing a brief background and culinary expertise. This transparency celebrates the chef’s creativity and skill, fostering a connection between the chef and our readers.

Our chefs are required to disclose any affiliations with brands or products mentioned in their recipes.

Ingredient Sourcing and Sustainability

We encourage the use of sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Recipes featuring seasonal and locally available produce are highlighted, promoting environmentally friendly cooking practices.

When specific brands or products are recommended, it is based on the chef’s expertise, without any influence from advertisers.

Recipe Testing and Quality Assurance

Every recipe undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure accuracy in measurements, clarity in instructions, and reliability in results.

Our team of culinary experts and editors work collaboratively to guarantee that each recipe is practical, feasible, and yields consistent results for our readers.

Reader Engagement and Feedback

We value our readers’ experiences and feedback. If you try a recipe and have suggestions or encounter issues, we encourage you to reach out to us at contact@braisedanddeglazed.com.

This dialogue helps us improve and evolve our recipes.

Ethical Considerations and Conflict of Interest

Our chefs and contributors are committed to ethical cooking practices and are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. This includes any personal or financial interests in products or brands mentioned in the recipes.

Nutritional Information and Allergen Warnings

While we strive to provide nutritional information for our recipes, this data should be considered an estimate.

We also highlight common allergens; however, it’s important for individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies to use their discretion and consult with health professionals when necessary.

Updating and Maintaining Recipes

We regularly review and update our recipes to ensure they remain relevant, accurate, and reflective of current culinary trends and techniques. Updated recipes are marked with the date of the latest revision for our readers’ reference.

Community and Inclusivity

Our blog aims to cater to a diverse audience, respecting various culinary traditions and dietary preferences. We strive to create a welcoming community for all food lovers, regardless of their culinary background or skill level.

Adherence to Editorial Standards

While our blog does feature sponsored content on occasion, such content is clearly marked and kept separate from our editorial recipes. Our commitment is to provide unbiased, chef-driven culinary content that enriches your cooking experience.

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Work with Us

Are you a chef with a talent for creating mouth-watering dishes? Do you find joy in crafting dishes that leave everyone asking for more? We’re looking for people just like you!

If cooking delicious meals is your thing, and you’re like to share some secrets and spread your culinary wisdom, Braised & Deglazed might be the perfect place for you to show off your skills!

Interested contributors can reach us at: contact@braisedanddeglazed.com. Please note that we don’t consider unsolicited guest submissions, articles, blogs, infographics, or posts.

Contact Us

We always love to hear from our readers. For any feedback, advertising opportunities or press inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at contact@braisedanddeglazed.com or using the contact form here.

If you prefer to give us a call or send a traditional letter, our address is 18 Somesului Street, Sibiu, 550003, Romania, and our phone number is +40 745 999 805.


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