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Wakuli – A Sustainable Coffee Delivery Service

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Every day I start my day with my drug of choice – coffee. It’s the familiar but fundamental wake-up boost for a great day. And I’ve found the perfect fix for my caffeinated addiction – Wakuli Coffee. It’s a sustainable coffee delivery service available to anyone who lives in the Netherlands. If you’re a coffee junkie like me, read on!

Coffee Delivered?

It’s basically a monthly subscription service where you choose how much and how often you would like your coffee delivered. And I know, subscriptions can sometimes be annoying. But if you’re addicted to coffee like me, you don’t want to drink this coffee just once in a while, you want it ALL THE TIME! So a reoccurring coffee subscription actually makes sense.

Wakuli coffee bags
The best part is that the box fits though the mailbox door so you don’t have to be at home when they deliver. Perfect!

Why Lighter is Better

Wakuli focuses on lighter, balanced roasts which is a huge step up from the caramelly, almost burnt supermarket coffees. I used to drink dark roasted coffee loaded with sugar and milk and that was my idea of good “strong” coffee. But the more I learned about coffee and the more I tasted, I discovered a whole new world of my favourite drink. Good quality coffee can be delicious on its own.

A light roasted coffee from Wakuli
A beautiful medium roasted coffee from the Wakuli Blend.

When you dark roast coffee beans you lose the more desirable acidic and fruity flavours and always end up with the same flavours of caramel and chocolate. This is not always a bad thing and can be good for some espresso, but this style of roasting shouldn’t be wasted on high quality coffee. High quality beans need a lighter roast so you can actually taste the wide range of delicious flavours that would normally be lost from over-roasting.

The crema of the Wakuli coffee.
A nice crema from this Wakuli Blend. Fresher coffees generally have better crema.

At the moment, Wakuli offers three coffee blends: Wakuli BlendNew Origin and Spicy Robusta. We tried the Wakuli Blend which was great for cold brew coffee and the New Origin blend made a super smooth filter coffee so good we didn’t even need milk or sugar!

Two french press cups of coffee.
The New Origin blend from Wakuli is super smooth and balanced.

Coffee Sustainability

What I love about this coffee company is that they have a huge focus on coffee bean sustainability. This means direct trade from the coffee farmer to Wakuli. This is important because normally the supermarket takes a large percentage from the coffee farmers’ pay. With direct trade you eliminate the middleman and everybody wins.

If we want to continue to have great coffee we need to respect the system, and a great way to do this is by paying the coffee farmers more.

Pouring the water into the french press.


I don’t use coffee pods (because they make inferior coffee in my opinion) but love the idea that Wakuli’s pods are 100% biodegradable. Think about how much waste is created by using the normal plastic nespresso pods that are thrown out after one use.

This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything from Wakuli but just wanted to share an awesome way to enjoy good coffee at home! If you’re interested check them out here.

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