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Two Ingredient Keto Pasta (Just Like Real Pasta!)

By Chef Devan


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You’ve probably seen a lot of recipes for keto pasta using some form of cheese and almond flour combination.

And while I applaud the creativity of these recipes, they’re still a long shot from the real thing.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to share with you this ridiculously easy, two-ingredient keto pasta that actually tastes and cooks like the real thing!

The secret ingredient? King Arthur’s Keto Flour.

My keto pasta on a tray with the pasta machine the background.
And you thought you couldn’t have pasta again eh? 😉

Keto Disclaimer: I’m a chef who loves helping people with keto diets make delicious things (my mum is keto, hi mum!) but I’m no medical professional. Always consult a health care professional before making dietary changes or using my recipes.

The Easiest Keto Pasta

The best thing about this recipe is that if you’ve made regular pasta before, you already know how to make this.

Just two ingredients: whole eggs and King Arthur’s Keto Flour.

That’s it!

It’s worth noting that you’ll want to rest the dough for as long as possible, as this keto flour contains extra gluten. Rest it for at least an hour but overnight is best otherwise, the dough will spring back too quickly and be hard to roll.

Picking up the pasta with my hand.

What Makes this a Keto Pasta?

This flour contains 4g of carbs per serving and a serving is 30g (1/4 cup).

My recipe uses roughly 2 US cups of flour (237g) which is about 8 servings and 32g of carbs for the entire dough.

My recipe yields about 3-4 servings of pasta (for some very hungry, pasta-deprived keto eaters). If the dough is split into three portions it weighs 127g, and if it’s split into 4 portions it weighs 95g.

That means that if you divide this recipe into 4 servings, one pasta portion will have 8g of carbs, and if you divide it into 3 portions it will have 10.6g of carbs.

Just for reference, regular uncooked pasta contains 54g net carbs per 100g. [1] If this recipe was made with regular flour it would contain about 126g of carbs. By these calculations, three portions of regular pasta would contain 42 g of carbs and 4 portions would contain 31.5g of carbs.

So it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a huge reduction in carbs for something that tastes just like the real thing!

Why this Keto Pasta Is Better than the Rest

Because of the extra gluten strength in this flour, the pasta noodles keep a delicious chewy bite unlike other keto noodles made with cheese.

I also love how this pasta dough works just like regular wheat pasta. If you’ve been a successful keto warrior for some time and deprived of real pasta, then I promise this is the next best thing!

Plus, if you’re on a dairy-free or nut-free diet then this is perfect for you.

An up close shot of the pasta.

Keto Pasta Key Ingredients

As mentioned above there are only two ingredients and this recipe doesn’t require any nut flours, mozzarella cheese, binders or emulsifiers to make this.

The two ingredients are:

Whole eggs: Because this keto flour soaks up more liquid, this dough contains one more egg than regular pasta dough.

Use good quality, large eggs with a bright orange yolk for the best colour in your dough. If you don’t have large eggs, I’ve provided the exact weight in grams so you can also use smaller eggs.

King Arthur Flour: The star of the show here and unfortunately cannot be substituted. It’s the same flour and key ingredient I used to make this Keto Sticky Toffee Pudding. I tested a few keto flours including coconut and almond flour but none worked as well as this.

If you find a better option, feel free to let us know in the comments!

How to Make a Low-Carb Pasta Dough

This recipe is made just like regular pasta, except that the keto pasta dough won’t need to be laminated as much as regular pasta. This is because the lack of starch in this flour makes an extra-strong dough which is ideal for pasta noodles.

To make this keto pasta:

  1. Weigh the flour in a bowl, and use another bowl to make a hole in the middle.
  2. Add the eggs into the hole.
  3. Slowly bring the flour into the center of the eggs using a fork until you have a shaggy mess.
  4. Empty the bowl onto a stable work surface and begin kneading with your hands.
  5. Once a smooth dough is formed, wrap it with plastic wrap and let sit out at room temperature for 1 hour. If using it the next day, put it in the fridge.
  6. Roll the dough using a pasta machine just like regular pasta except you only need to fold it once instead of three times.
  7. Cut the pasta sheets into your desired shape.
  8. Your pasta is ready! You can cook it now or freeze it for another day.
Mixing the flour slowly into the eggs.

Tips to Nail this Recipe

  • The dough will seem quite dry, but this is normal. Just keep working the dough as the flour soaks up the eggs a lot slower than regular pasta. If you can’t get a smooth dough after mixing for a while, then wet your hand with some water and continue mixing.
  • Letting the dough rest overnight in the fridge will make it a lot easier to roll out but 1 hour at room temperature is still possible.

How to Cook This Keto Pasta

Cook it just like regular pasta and drop it into a big pot of boiling salted water.

Then add the cooked pasta to your favourite keto sauce.

Keto Pasta Recipe FAQ

What’s the Best Way to Store this Pasta?

Just like regular pasta, it needs to be kept dry otherwise, it will stick together. Cook whatever pasta you wish to eat immediately and freeze the rest in sealed containers.

It’s a good idea to freeze the pasta in individual portions so that you can easily take what you need from the freezer.

Do I Need to Defrost the Frozen Pasta from the Freezer?

Nope, you can drop the frozen pasta directly in boiling water. Just give it a good stir!

What Other Shapes Can I Make with this Pasta?

The possibilities are endless, although I haven’t experimented with stuffed pasta which may be quite difficult to pull off. This is because the pasta dough is extra strong and it’ll be much more difficult to stretch thin without breaking.

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Here are a few more keto recipes to try:

My keto pasta on a tray with the pasta machine the background.
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Two Ingredient Keto Pasta (Just Like the Real Thing!)

Just when you thought you'd never have pasta again…introducing the next best thing: my ultimate keto pasta! Dairy-free, nut-free and not far from the real thing.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Resting time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Cost $5/10€



  • 237 g King Arthur Keto Baking Flour, plus a little extra for rolling (2 cups/450ml)
  • 3 whole large eggs room temp is ideal


  • Measure out the flour and add to a medium sized mixing bowl. Make a well in the center with your hands or using another small bowl.
    Add the eggs into the center.
    The eggs in a well in the middle of the flour.
  • Using a fork, begin by mixing the eggs and bringing little bits of flour into the center until a shaggy dough is formed.
    Mixing the flour slowly into the eggs.
  • Once a shaggy dough is formed, pour it out onto the table and begin kneading with your hands. You won't need to knead the dough to develop the gluten, you just need it to come together.
    A shaggy mess of dough on the table.
  • Resist the urge to add extra water until the very end. If you can't bring it together, wet your hands and continue mixing until a smooth dough has formed.
    Wrap with plastic wrap and let rest for at least 1 hour at room temperature or overnight in the fridge.
    Keto pasta-12
  • When you're ready to roll, set up the pasta machine firmly to the table and sprinkle the machine with a dusting of keto flour.
    Sprinkle the dough with a little keto flour and begin rolling it flat and long with the rolling pin.
    Rolling the pasta flat with the rolling pin.
  • Once the dough is thin enough to fit in the pasta machine add it through, starting with the largest number.
    Continue feeding the dough into the machine until you've gone down about 3-4 numbers.
    Fold the pasta in 3 and set the machine back to the largest number. Flour the pasta and continue running it through until you reach a size thin enough for pasta.
    Folding the pasta in thirds.
  • Cut the pasta into long sheets and flour well.
    Cutting the pasta into sheets.
  • Run the pasta sheets through a cutter or cut them by hand into your desired shape.
    Enjoy like normal pasta!
    The keto pasta lying on a tray.


Alternatively, you could pulse the flour and eggs together in a food processor until a shaggy dough is formed and then finish it with your hands.
You may want to lightly flour the pasta each time you put it through the pasta machine to prevent it from sticking.
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43 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Keto Pasta (Just Like Real Pasta!)”

  1. 4 stars
    Thank you for this! I felt intrigued to try this since the reports on this flour are very mixed, tending to be more on the negative side.

    I tried it and the pasta making process worked ok, albeit the dough ball already feeling a bit rubbery.

    This however also transported over to the cooked pasta which definitely didn’t turn out as delicate as I am used from regular flour egg pasta. My fettuccine came out pretty rubbery too.

    Do you have any suggestions to improve this?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for trying the recipe and providing the feedback. In terms of the rubbery texture from the pasta, the problem is this flour has a really high gluten content which makes the texture a little extra chewy. Unfortunately, it will never be as good as regular high-carb pasta but after trying it we decided that this was still the next best thing for a keto version.

      With that being said you can try this to improve the texture:
      – Make sure the dough rests as long as possible. The longer the dough rests, the longer the gluten has time to relax making it softer.
      – You could try adding more fat such as a little olive oil or try adding an extra egg yolk to make the dough softer, although you may need to add a touch more flour to bring it into a smooth dough.
      – Cook the pasta for a lot longer. Normally fresh pasta takes 2-3 minutes in the water but I found that this keto pasta took much longer. The gluten strength is so high that you don’t have to worry about the pasta falling apart. So cook it much longer to soften it.

      I hope that helps and I’d love to hear back from you,


  2. Hi Devan,
    I found your site as I was scouring the Internet for a Bitterbal recipe in English.I’m heading back to Ontario in May and I have a friend who is crazy about them.
    I try to maintain a keto lifestyle as well and so was intrigued to find out that you also feature Keto recipes and that you are a Chef!
    That is a win win for me.I would really like to try my hand at making this Keto Pasta.Where did you get the flour?
    I am also a Canadian in the Netherlands and so I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to order the King Arthur flour on line or wait until I’m back home to buy it.
    I can’t tell how thrilled I am to have found your food Blog.I’m looking forward to trying your recipes.

    • Hey Deborah,

      That is so nice to hear and so I’m so happy you like my recipes. My mum is on a keto diet so I try to make some recipes for her to enjoy.
      As for the flour – it’s much cheaper to buy in Canada (or U.S) and you can easily buy it online. I think I added some Amazon links in the recipe to buy it but the price varies widely depending on the supplier. Here in the Netherlands, it was SUPER expensive but I saw it and had to try it. Pretty sure I got it from Iherb but can’t remember.

      If it’s possible for you, definitely have your friend order a bag or two of the keto flour for you to pick up – I was super impressed with it (and so was my keto mum!).

      Also, have you tried the sugar substitute Allulose? I think that stuff is amazing and it’s also much cheaper in North America. It makes a near-perfect caramel sauce for my Keto Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe.

      Enjoy your trip to Canada, good luck with the recipes and hope to hear from you again!


  3. Hi. The flour has a strange taste. I’m thinking I could disguise that with a bit of stevia extract or something. Any thoughts on that?

    • Hey Janos,

      I know what you mean. The flour has a sort of extra “whole-wheaty” kind of flavour (for lack of a better description). I wouldn’t recommend adding stevia to the pasta as it will likely taste more strange. You could try adding a tsp of garlic powder or onion powder to the dough to mask the flavour or better yet, use a strong-flavoured pasta sauce such as mushroom with cream sauce or a bolognese sauce to hide the taste.

      Hope that helps and thanks for your input.

  4. 5 stars
    Oh, I didn’t know King Arthur did Keto flour. So exciting! Cannot wait to try it! I think one of the hardest things is to say no to pasta when on Keto diet, so it’s great that you shared this recipe 🙂

  5. 5 stars
    So I made it a bit thinner as my kids love it. Didn’t know are they gonna like it, but thankfully they did, thanks!

  6. 5 stars
    I ordered some of these noodles right after I read this, and I just made them last night after they arrived. They are the best noodles of any kind I’ve ever had! I LOVE that chew they have.

  7. 5 stars
    That keto baking flour makes all the difference! The pasta came out perfect, and the whole process was super enjoyable. Great way to enjoy some pasta and cut down on carbs!

  8. 5 stars
    How interesting! I think I need to try these noodles out! Thank you for posting step by step pictures – very helpful! I do wish I could roll out my dough as square as your’s!

    • The step by step pictures are always extra work so it’s nice to hear you appreciate them 🙂 It took me many years of practice to get to nice pasta edges and you can too if you keep practising.

  9. 5 stars
    I feel so cheffy now! Thanks so much for all the tips (I need them). The pasta turned out so well I just need to teach my hubby now to do it for me. Thanks for a great keto pasta and thanks to King Arthur for making the a great low carb flour.

  10. If you were using this pasta for lasagna, would you boil the noodles before preparing or assemble the dish with uncooked noodles?

    • Never tried with lasagna so I can’t say for sure. I would definitely pre-cook the lasagne sheets before baking as this pasta dough is quite strong (from the high gluten-strength flour). Also, try your best to roll out the sheets as thin as possible.

      Very curious to hear how this turns out!

      Good luck Sharon!

    • I did with my KitchenAid extruder attachment, and it was lovely. Personally added some okara (soy pulp flour) to help it go through without sticking, but I think any flour should do. Glorious texture and taste to go with some Chicken Parmesan. Worth trying for sure!

  11. 5 stars
    I have used this flour for pizza crust. It is really easy and good. I don’t like the keto crusts that are made with cheese. I want dough for my pizza ;). Thank you for this recipe. I am going to try it. I’ve made lots of homemade non-keto pasta. I do miss it. Hoping it works with an extruder. I’ll let you know. Love your website!!

  12. 5 stars
    Super amazing! I completely forgot that my KA Keto Wheat Flour could be more than just a loaf of bread. Of course it makes great pasta! I couldn’t believe it. I did sub in a portion of Okara flour, and it still boiled well and came out deliciously. My husband and I enjoyed it with some low-carb chicken parmesan (“breaded” with almond flour and parmesan) . Next time, I will make a larger batch and freeze it for when I want pasta that tastes like pasta!

  13. 5 stars
    Made this recipe for the first time last evening, and let the dough rest in the fridge overnight as suggested. So good, but, I tried two different cutters and thicknesses on my pasta maker, and the slightly thicker (3rd from the thinnest notch) stayed a little too al dente. Since We are not nut-free, just low carb, I’m going to try mixing a little almond flour with this very strong KA keto flour to see if I can get a more delicate end product. Probably include a dab of extra virgin olive oil, too. Thank you fro the great recipe, and a great jumping-off point!

  14. Question – I have an old school electric pasta maker – Ron Popiel to be specific. Can I make this pasta in that pasta maker the same as traditional but using this flour and eggs or do I need to take the dough out after mixing and let it rest before putting it back to go through the extruder with the differant noodle dies? I have a large garden and I want to make lots of pasta and freeze while I am caning pasta sauce with basil and tomatoes from my garden.

  15. So I augmented this recipe a little because I didn’t want to waste this expensive flour if it was simply uneatable. I used 1/2 cup of the KA keto flour, 1 large egg, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and just a few drops of water. I let the dough sit for about 4 hours. It was easy to work with, I had no problems rolling it with a pasta maker, and I made fettuccine. That made a generous dinner-size portion for one person or a side for 2 people, easily. I boiled it for 17-20 minutes, it was still slightly rubbery due to the high gluten, but doable. I think I will try this again with maybe a 1/2 KA with 1/2 oat fiber blend and see how that comes out. Thanks for the recipe.

  16. 5 stars
    I’m so happy with the results from this recipe! The only thing I changed was adding about a tsp of olive oil to the dough, per reading the comments about dryness, and it worked perfectly. I did a test batch immediately after mixing the dough and that worked fine and tasted great. About 4 hours later, cut the rest of the dough. Great!


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